Masterson Construction was founded in 1981. And, over the ensuing years, we have grown continuously, year in and year out, for two very good reasons: customer satisfaction and the retention of quality employees, year after year.

Anyone who owns a business knows these two keys to success. But, anyone who owns a business also knows that these two keys are the two most difficult to obtain. Fulfilling customer satisfaction requires getting the job done on time and on budget, and being able to handle all the changing circumstances that define every construction project ever begun and completed.

Retaining employees requires that the company is fair, generous in its compensation and benefits, and that it has a structure that encourages people to consider their time at work a career, not just a job.

We have clients that have been with us from the first day we opened our doors. And, our employees average well over nine years with us. Plus, we have seven employees who have been on the job for more than twenty years. That gives us a base of experience and stability that has generated our success.